Benifts of hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer

The use of an immigration lawyer is not a mandatory part of the immigration process, but it has significant benefits. In fact, the use of an experienced and reliable Canadian immigration lawyer can make the difference between a rejected application and an approved application.

The decision to immigrate to Canada and create your own life is never taken lightly. It takes perseverance, courage and the willingness to adapt to a new country with all its challenges and opportunities. Naturally, the immigration process requires a lot of paperwork, bureaucratic hurdles and necessary political considerations. Even temporary immigration, such as a study or work permit, involves these same issues. While some immigrants choose to hope for the best and go it alone, Canadianization does not have to be a difficult process with an immigration lawyer advocating for you.

Canadian lawyers have extensive training, knowledge and experience in identifying, understanding and complying with Canadian immigration law. Canada’s immigration flows are large and diverse. These factors can also make these flows complex. Lawyers know how to translate legal text into understandable language.

There are over 100 ways to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. There are federal economic migration streams as well as streams provided by Quebec and other provinces. You have more than 100 other possibilities if you want to study or work in Canada, or if you want to immigrate here through the family and humanitarian categories. This diversity means many opportunities for future Canadians and foreigners, but it also means confusion and hassle. A lawyer can identify programs that you may not have known about before and tell you which ones you may be eligible for. They can also guide you through the process of applying for the immigration program that is right for you. The lawyer’s job is to create a plan for you. They can also tell you about your options for appealing a negative decision and help you do so.

Lawyers are also subject to ongoing regulation by the various organizations that oversee the legal profession. The purpose of supervision is to ensure the level of knowledge, professionalism and service. This also means that you can check your lawyer and his or her status on the websites of the provincial bar associations that have licensed him or her to practice in Canada.

There is a cost to hiring a lawyer. But the costs of not having a lawyer can be infinitely higher, especially for something as significant and life-changing as moving to Canada. To illustrate the business case, an investment in a Canadian immigration lawyer is not so much a sunk cost or a gamble, but rather a prudent and smart investment that can pay for itself many times over.

An immigration lawyer will gain additional knowledge and experience that can help their clients. An immigration lawyer can not only help you resolve potential problems, but also anticipate and prevent them before they arise. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or the provincial government may return your application as incomplete. They may also reject the application outright for a number of other reasons, which may be very broad or vague. A lawyer can review your application – at any stage of the process – and explain its strengths and weaknesses, and identify any errors or omissions. This advantage saves a lot of time, money and mental energy.

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