Moving to Canada has become a dream for many individuals, as the dream of a better life has been found by many immigrants that have made it to the other side. While obtaining citizenship is a bit difficult in itself, the first challenge you must overcome is first immigrating into the country.

There are numerous ways to start the immigration process. For the best chances of succeeding, however, getting the help of a renowned immigration consultant is still the recommended option.

Sponsoring Relatives

One of the best ways to immigrate to Canada is through sponsorship. By having a permanent citizen vouch for you to stay in the country, you can dramatically increase your chances of obtaining citizenship—provided, of course, that it’s in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Spouses and dependents are quite easy to sponsor, the likelihood of getting them into the country is actually quite high. Parents and grandparents were once quite easy, as well, but the current situation has postponed this for the meantime. 

The more difficult sponsorship to get is for “other relatives,” which include siblings, nieces and nephews, or even grandchildren. While they may not be sponsored under “Family Class,” there is a way to sponsor them through your own citizenship.

The Requirements

To be able to sponsor any relative, you must first be at least 18 years of age, and either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Without this basic requirement, you won’t be able to push through with any of your sponsorship requests. Furthermore, you must be able to provide for the relatives you sponsor, proving your income is enough to support both you and your sponsored relatives.

Which Relatives Can Be Sponsored

Unfortunately, you can’t just choose any relative to sponsor into obtaining citizenship. The most immediate “other relative” you can sponsor is an orphaned sibling. They must be related to you by blood or law, must not have a living parent, and must be under 18 years of age.

If they do not fall under this category, then the criteria mostly fall under your own personal qualifications. You may be able to sponsor a blood or legal relative of any age, for as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • You must not have any other living relative to sponsor instead,
  • You do not have any other relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

How Can They Apply For Permanent Residency

There are two parts of the process to complete, which both must be submitted at the same time. You, as the sponsor, must fill out a form that indicates your willingness to sponsor your relatives. At the same time, they must fill out the permanent residency application form. After paying out the corresponding fees, you will submit both forms to the immigration office.

The Bottom Line

The success of your relative’s application is highly dependent on the content of their submitted forms. At the end of the day, they will only succeed if the content provided is sufficient, correct, and authentic. For the best results, then you should run the application through a Canadian immigration consultation agency before submitting your papers.

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