Jobs At Saudi Telecom Company

Vacancies at Saudi Telecom Company. Saudi Telecom Company (also known as STC) is a telecommunications company based in Saudi Arabia that offers a range of communication services, including mobile and fixed telephone services, computer networks and internet facilities. As a major, prestigious employer in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Telecom has impressive employment advantages and offers a range of positions in a variety of sectors.

What are the types of jobs at Saudi Telecom Company?

There are many excellent jobs at Saudi Telecom Company to meet the needs of both new graduates and experienced professionals. Vacancies have been advertised in a variety of sectors, including:



Sales analysis

Human Resources

Finance and accounting

Information Technology Legal

Benefits of working for Saudi Telecom Company

In addition to the advantage of working for a prestigious telecommunications company, Saudi Telecom Company offers numerous other benefits for its loyal employees. Some of the advantages of working for the company are:
A competitive salaryAccommodation benefitsTransport benefitsMedical Insurance for the employee and their familyAn annual performance-related bonusImpressive training program

Where to find jobs at Saudi Telecom Company ?

If you are looking for a job at Saudi Telecom Company, the first port of call should be the company’s own website. On their handy careers section, you’ll find all the information you need about the benefits of working for the company, as well as current vacancies for both new graduates and existing professionals. You can apply online via the website. Vacancies are also listed on other vacancies online, such as GulfJobCareers and GulfTalent.

What skills and experience are required for jobs at Saudi Telecom Company?

The experience and skills required to apply for positions at Saudi Telecom Company will vary depending on the position applied, but many roles require an industry relevant degree and several years of experience in a similar area for more senior positions. Fluency in both English and Arabic is an advantage, and is essential for some posts. Good communication and interpersonal skills are very important, as are good organizational and problem solving skills.


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